Copper Art for Home & Garden

Sam & I have been creating beautiful copper art for many years. We have arbors, trellises and much more all over our area from Ft. Myers to Tampa. We are happy to use your design ideas or we can custom build a project from our designs


Our arbors can be tailored to your specific garden area and made to nearly any size. They're strong enough to hold a heavy vine and will age to a beautiful verdigris patina.


Trellises can be very plain and utilitarian to hold vines or climbing roses or can be very  decorative to accent a wall. You decide what you want or need.


This is where Sam's designs shine! He has included a lot of design elements including lily pads, cattails, dragonflies, frogs and other flora & fauna in past fountain designs. Let your imagination go!


Like the fountains, gate designs are limitless. The example show here was custom designed and built for a well known comedian, half of a famous brother duo who lives in Sarasota.

Rose Towers

We call them rose towers but these structures can be used as a garden accent or to hold up any shrub or vine.

Stained glass windchimes
Windchimes are built on a hand formed copper hoop and contain many varieties of handcut stained glass. Each chime contains at least 1 piece of clear glass that has been handpainted with flowers, dragonflies, etc.